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Mistadool Colourblind Cover


[2017] buy | listen
2 tracks
Soul, Funk, Electronic, Hip-Hop

Mistadool Ignition Cover


[2014] buy | listen
9 tracks
Electronic, Experimental


Murf - Something About You

[2014] listen
2 tracks
Electronic, House

Mistadool Deeplife Cover

Family Xmas [c]

1 track
Deeplife Records

Mistadool Don't Wate your Time

Don't Waste y Time

1 tracks + Remixes
Electronic, House
Deeplife Records

Mistadool 1000kw

1000 Kilowatts

8 tracks

Mistadool Eat Phunk

Eat Phunk [c]

1 track

Mistadool Sunny Day

Sunny Day

4 tracks
Digital Coma Recordings

Black Reign

Darkest Hour [c]

1 Track
Black Reign Recordings

Ethan - Sur le Fil

Ethan - Sur le Fil



It all starts in France where young Mistadool grows a fondness for a wide range of music styles while learning the piano, saxophone and bass. Introduced to rock and soul music by his mentor Jean Hugues Hartnagel, he joins his first band Virage at 14 on sax, then on bass.

Years go by and Mistadool founds Doctor J with his siblings Cedric, Laetitia and mate Nicolas Poette. The band will make a noticeable appearance on French national TV after performing at the Sephora Festival.

A few bands later and while developing production skills in his record label RadicalMusic, he founds Nannup with his brothers Cedric and Stephane and long time friends Sam Cheyns and Nicolas Poette. The Nannup years (1998-2008) will see 4 albums, several compilations, multiple concerts through Europe, a prime time on Rai Uno (Italy) and many Festivals.

In 2001 Mistadool meets young Manou Bolomik and produces his first 3 albums in the 00's. In parallel he produces a large number of albums and tracks (rock, pop and electro) while DJing drum&bass as a solo project.

After moving to Australia in 2008, Mistadool participates in a few more bands and projects as a producer, session musician and bass player.

2016 sees the launch of Confiture, an instrumental band with soul and jazz influences, and strong sax and bass components.